First Edition

To my great astonishment, I started writing songs in early 2011. Previously, I had always played covers. There are so many  wonderful songs out there, that I thought there was nothing I could say that would be worthwhile. Compared to all the great songs, that’s true, yet somehow it did not slow me down. To my further astonishment, the songs kept coming and I found myself liking them. With the encouragement and input of Joel Kerr, my bass teacher and friend, the songs kept developing.

In this first edition of the Reliable Suspenders of Disbelief I get to play with Anit Ghosh (fiddle), Joel Kerr (guitar) and Yoni Kaston (accordion). The project is getting off the ground and who knows where it will lead. I want to keep making music with creative people and maybe even get people dancing to the tunes we play, or tapping their toes or maybe just letting us play.

Live from the Persian Room

Recording sessions October 17 and 24 2012

Anit Ghosh    fiddle/ back vocals
Joel Kerr         guitar/ back vocals
Yoni Kaston   accordion/ back vocals
Boris Chasin   stand-up bass/ lead vocals
Joel Kerr         producer/engineer
Boris Chasin   lyrics
Boris Chasin   music
with considerable input, suggestions and improvements Joel Kerr and Yoni Kaston

Sonya Stefan  photography

Recording equipment kindly supplied by Yoni Kaston